Having a little fun… Positivity Poem, humour included

The Joy you feel,
is real;
you see.

For when you live life,
happy to BE,
it really changes;
your reality!

Be one to smile.
One to give,

one to marry your life to;
The positive!

If you do so,
and live with,

a love filled heart,
it’s very unlikely that–

You’ll ever end up,
meeting the sharp end-
of a shiv.


as the tree stands

oh silently strong glory,

within thee—

as I gaze upon,
life as a tree..

you do not run,
you do not fear,
you stand rooted;

firmly in place-

Standing your ground,

There is much to learn,
from the ways of the tree.

Fearless strength,
in silence.

Looks inside,

The breeze,
of awareness-

Blowing acrost-
the mental leaves;

That fall into..
your consciousness,
waters the foundation,
of your inner tree;

With each breath,
you realize,
you live,
you walk…

With the knowledge,

By rooting,

To center-
As a tree.

Slide N’ Slither, Never Wither::

Slide N’ Slither, Never Wither:

Placate, Pleiades-

Globe trotters,
all of us.

The signal says,
to switch left-
in due time;

Let’s perfect,

Meandering swagger.

A wandering…

of who, where,

and what,

Our feet,
wish us—

To greet!

In due time,
Such it shall be,

Walk with confidence,
C’est La Vie!

Eat a lunch with me,
and we’ll be,

with the band already marching.

Shall we,


Slither, slide, and flow,
one two three,



Here we go!

To k.i. h , since you said you sometimes come here:

Kristin (k.i h) ,

This is a letter to you,

and you know why it’s here :)

Your email address’ mysterious spontaneous combustion and subsequent jettison into the digital ether of vapourspace, necessitates this style of communication::

To be clear,

(I was not ignoring you, just wanted to give a long and thoughtful response!)

Read on, if you’d be so kind..

I’ll keep it general, since this is public, but aim to impart meaning and heart as I go along.



Rarely in life does someone have an impact,

on you . . .

So memorable,

So meaningful,

no matter how hard you’ve tried—

They cannot be erased.  Quite simply, that’d be you.

The mark went deep, the impact profound.

The writing on the wall, does not come off.

This time too, shall pass;

Although the memories remain,

and you used your permanent inks!

You helped shape my worldview,

our thoughts both hoping for the good inside,

that struggles to emerge from people-

Whilst watching the melodrama of reality…

At a distance.

Hoping for revolution,

planning upon the landscape of the mind,

similar things. . Nothing short of brilliance,

it was really.  And all the quotes!


I would —love— to read Hector.

Can I get a signed copy, now that your name,

is to be up in lights, like you always said it would be?

I’m writing two books right now myself,

and would LOVE and appreciate your guidance,

and knowledge –

as I move further in the process . . .


You also helped save my life.

I was 200 pounds when you sent me, eating tons of meat, processed garbage, and so forth..  When I receive from you, a book to read out of the blue.  Now at 145 lbs, Omar feels healthy, and blessed to have been thought of in that way.  :) So thank you for that.

I still recall the,

little yellow post-it note, affixed reading:

“Omar, I hope you get as much out of this as I did, you deserve it. -C”

You are a unique and beautiful snowflake, miss.  The personality behind the  machinations, those components of self, that make up your manifesto, your story,

your passion-  are unique, amazing, and have always resonated with me.

I understand that familiarity, that  r-e-s-o-n-a-n-c-e  ,  is a good portion of cumulatively, that feeling I get, of strangeness of not speaking on a somewhat regular basis, or somewhat regular sporadic one.

It also explains why your personage comes to mind on a fairly regular basis, not missing of a romantic relationship, but more of just what you stand for, and having like minded people around :)

I am glad you’ve come to actionable resolve in your former relationship, and I hope that you’ve forged a dis-congruent relationship with your old patterning/pains as you learn, release, and integrate in due time. :)

I’m proud and happy that you finished college :) !

The world is in a strange place/state right now,

and that’s something I’d love to talk about with you,

as well.

So, as the ocean is deep, of course there are more thoughts,

however this I feel is fine for now ~ ~ ~ ~ :)

I SO do want to talk with you and be friends,

wanna give it a go? It’s 2009, and we may as well anyway.

:-)   !

Email me at the same place we were just talking..

Britons, now would be a good time to head to the hills.

REPRODUCED IN ENTIRETY without permission, however credited to Dr. William Campbell Douglass I.I ::: via The Douglass Report
(excerpt of whole newsletter available via email subscription)

Headline: Country forces experimental vaccine on population

Dear Friend,

Many people assume that the vaccinations they receive are backed up by many months of extensive clinical trials and medical evaluation.

But regulators at the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) in the UK are about to distribute a new swine flu vaccine that’s had a whopping FIVE DAYS of testing.

How about that for a reality check?

Vaccines in general are unproven, unnecessary, and potentially dangerous — and they’re the ones that have undergone clinical trials. I cannot believe that the government of Great Britain is actually about to start distributing a vaccine — for a form of influenza that is already little understood — without having it thoroughly vetted.

The EMEA says that clinical trials will be carried out — but that the swine flu vaccine will already be distributed while those trials are conducted.

So let’s say that the clinical trials do indeed discover that the vaccine has a serious side effect. Vaccines are not like cars with defective airbags. You can’t just recall a live virus that’s been injected into the bloodstreams of thousands of people.

It would be a man-made medical catastrophe.

Of course, the EMEA is claiming that all is safe, and that the current plan for the vaccine in no way compromises patient safety. How could they possibly know such a thing? Because they’ve already tested a “mock-up” vaccine to evaluate the results.

One official called the mock-up test “a detailed risk management plan,” adding that there is “quite a body of evidence regarding safety on the trials of the mock-up.”

I’ll keep my sleeves rolled down, thank you very much.

The swine flu vaccination program will be the biggest mass vaccination campaign in half a century. The British government has ordered enough of the vaccine doses to cover nation’s entire population.

I imagine the providers of these vaccines — the American Big Pharma firms GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Baxter Healthcare — are thrilled. Think of it: an entire nation’s worth of vaccines, approved by a government regulatory body in just FIVE DAYS!

It’s a Big Pharma dream!

When the national vaccination begins, the goal will be for each doctor to administer 30 vaccinations an hour.

At that point it will be too late should something go wrong.

Typing with the FliP Video, and antique typewriter.. just messing around =]

This is fun… Here’s a side perspective video of me typing with one of my antique typewriters, a Smith Corona. This is the manual one, I have two electric ones, (baby powder blue), and (a creme/brown of similar color scheme, but two tone..)

Just having some fun, and thought the angle would look neat!

I make a very brief appearance in the end, and a few seconds in, for those of you that don’t think I smile enough, there’s one of those too! 😛

the thing I’m typing ? Nothing of particular substance, but I do read it to you after I’m done.

Video is approximately 2 minutes, 15 seconds long, and loads when you click the green play button.

The Neural Extensis – A proposal for a new data access mechanism

Date: Dec 9th, 2008

Rough Abstract: c0nnected.net [registered] // [other proposed domains here]

Topic: true data singularity or the neural extentive humanistic content management system,

[considerations leading eventually to “the neural extensis,” a proposed eventual website.]


Prepared by: Omar M. Amer  //

phone:  [+1) 415.877.1503] //

email : epiphany@ideaRealized.com //

social: twitter.com/18percentgrey //

blog: omfglol.org //



The generalities referenced in this paper define the majority scope of thought thus far on the topics covered, and within the framework of discussion inevitably lies some of the answers to these considerations, as well as inherent additional considerations.  


The burning question:  How do we “become” the internet and manage it intelligently? 


We are in the process already of disseminating and managing our internet information, as evidenced by different social networks, social bookmarking sites, blogs, aggregators, etc.  


However, this network of information is all information that existed at one point inside the human brain, or a human brain – if you prefer.    Using this basic assumptive truth – we are creating an extra-neural network of information…   Which is why I’ve chosen to coin the term, “Neural Extensis,” within the last few months when referencing the internet and its future.  


The future of networked computing in my mind is such that we ‘are’ the internet.  Through this new thought paradigm, we see that we as individual humans and as a global society, are adding so much value to this system that irrefutably we are creating the most powerful grid of knowledge ever assembled – and fundamentally the issue created by the constant influx of new  information- is such that inherently the network grows increasingly complex the more information that is added, and not to ignore natural law – entropy increases.  


But it’s not enough.  We’ll eventually figuratively but quite realistically drown in data with this method perpetuating itself unchecked… Just give it some years.   How many tour guides have gotten lost inside the complexity of the Winchester House?  😉  


Today,  most people already consider themselves overly socially networked, or are simply overwhelmed by the options available to them.  this will not slow down, in fact the data inflow rate will only speed up, exponentially in fact.  Content is generated at a much faster rate than even a year ago.  Intelligent, and planned organization is required at a much deeper fundamental level than is availably employed at present.  


Logically, we’ve already succumbed to the notion that we must manage “everything,” weather in life or online,  intelligently and simply – but we’ve had to rely on using our own brain power.  This is why we love the computer.  Because this is taxing, and everybody knows it.   The computer allows us to “process,” information or sets of information faster than ever before in history.  With this profound ability comes some fundamental limitations – of which we’ve yet to surmount.  These limitations find us growing increasingly inundated by both the amount of data we carry, learn, disseminate, and try to encapsulate into our lives and our conscious thoughts.


The key will be to make short work of this humanistic overhead and automating it somewhat or entirely based on user needs/preferences/requirements and so on… This will be the key to effective information management in the future.


So how will the information architecture (yet unplanned – but slated for c0nnected.net or neuralextensis.com,) create useful data relationships that self-assemble, self-aggregate, self-suggest, multiply/shrink information streams if needed, load balance and separate, self-correlate self analyze, and interconnect, and self organize for you?  There may be other necessary functions as well, however I’ve not fully fleshed out these thoughts and methodologies yet – this is where I want input the most – in the design of this new information architecture, essentially a world library – the new alexandrian library – the internet, but intelligently parsed, pruned, and shaped – delineated, yet flexible – defined yet nearly infinite if the users needs dictate. 


The foremost issue however, is as more of the internal brain is referenced and archived externally, the network becomes increasingly complex – as mentioned in the previous paragraph, and eventually to the point where it will become nearly un-navigable, and risks being a fractalized entity instead by virtue of sheer informational volume – instead of a unified one – both for personal and social dissemination/inter-relation.  A neo-post-modern humanistic disconnect, if you will – oddly caused by the sharing of information, rather than it’s restriction;  As in the days past.


Today’s internet requires much critical thinking and human overhead to navigate.  RSS feeds have automated much of the work in reading and consuming preferred content of the internet, but what good would a more useful feed do you if you didn’t know it was there?  This is the danger we’re walking into – with the internets total informantic capacity increasing to previously un-thinkable levels.  


Today’s internet also requires that you interact mostly directly with external sites, and they give you directly sourced and tailored information back that’s mostly useful,  or sometimes must be correlated into something of value by the user (blog comments, for example).   The primary point here however, is that this is a multi-modal model of interaction..  A blend of physical input with mental effort, correlated to a set of defined results, as we interact with the internet.  


A more unified model is what I have in my minds eye – one where we simply “connect,” and after some initial effort, our experience is tailored and improved over time – by the advent and synergist of modern technologies, and intelligent modeling across different strategic areas and disciplines – loosely defined such that it can fit everybody, and with enough parameters such that it can with no degree of uncertainty – tailor exacting specificity.



Friends and colleagues, we’re entering a brave new world,

How will you help define it?




Omar Mohamed Amer


“be the change you want to see in the world.”

-Mohandas Gandhi

Jumping out of imagination, and into the streets of Kazakhstan!

So I’m trolling around the web, reading about Sascha Baron Cohen’s latest movie, Brüno, and I notice something VERY different… Or at the very least, it’s a departure from traditional handling of bad PR, so I’d like to hi-light it..

TMZ.com on Cohen, and how the Deputy Minister of Kazakhstan..

below is from the article,

Deputy foreign minister Rakhat Aliyev told a local Kazakhstan news agency that Borat could learn that “women drive cars, wine is made of grapes and jews are free to go to synagogues.” While he doesn’t agree with Borat’s criticism of Kazakhstan, he believes that his fellow countrymen, “must have a sense of humor and respect the creative freedom of others.”

WOW! Really? … Stay with me here:

So we have a public relations officer of the actual Kazakhstani government, addressing someone who doesn’t exist, played and portrayed by someone who does, but for profit, pretends to be other people. (Like other actors.) // Okay- so this is intriguing because we’re witnessing a:

representational process – (defined as):: Any basic cognitive process in which some entity comes to stand for or represent something else.

Baron Cohen, has officially transformed and entered the 3rd dimension… From Baron Cohen, acting as Borat – To an actual flesh and blood personage to be addressed. Unless we’re to expect a fool of Khazak Deputy Minister ..

I wish I had more insight into Aliyev’s commentary, it’s certainly interesting.

Is he trying to playfully extend a welcome to our country, you will find it nice here? (as damage control for the film “Borat?” Is he simply being playful? Also, could he be playing into MGM/Universal’s publicity, and the statement was paid for and prepared by studio execs!

Lots of unanswered questions here, a curious observation though…

The alternative spin-off here is that it’s now a precedent to refer to things that don’t exist as tangible has been set by a public official.. *crickets . . . *

OH WAIT, that’s right – that’s why I don’t write about the financials.. The fiat money doesn’t exist, and is referred to as tangible… EXITING, PROMPTLY, STAGE LEFT!

This song means something to me..

These words are from Rocky Votolato, in my opinion – a very talented singer/songwriter…

Gotta hear the song to match with this, much more powerful..  Enjoy:


Are you gonna die with that music inside
Did you catch the twilight on your way into work
You can live anything you can think
Man I’m not lying to you and yeah that’s a threat
I don’t want to have to bury you like this
Something’s gotta get your attention
If I have to crack open your skull with my fist
I’ll let the light and the sound escape

Listen now
You can hear the sound
Surrender and let the light come out
Don’t be afraid
Let me hear your voice
What you will live is what you make

I know you’ve worked hard your whole life
And now your tired the money is never enough
It’s never gonna be enough man that’s not even the point
The only thing you can’t afford is to keep buying the lines your fed
I know it’s comfortable to go back to sleep
Take a look at what you’ve been lying in
Before you wake up in search of your paycheck death
The demons of regret are making your deathbed

Listen now
You can hear the sound
Surrender and let the light come out
Don’t be afraid
Let me hear your voice
What you will live is what you make
Don’t be afraid
Let me hear your voice
Let the light come out
Cause I’m ready now
Like I never was before
To see what this is all about


*singing* =]

Hope your day is beautiful, wherever you may be, whatever you be doing…