Typing with the FliP Video, and antique typewriter.. just messing around =]

This is fun… Here’s a side perspective video of me typing with one of my antique typewriters, a Smith Corona. This is the manual one, I have two electric ones, (baby powder blue), and (a creme/brown of similar color scheme, but two tone..)

Just having some fun, and thought the angle would look neat!

I make a very brief appearance in the end, and a few seconds in, for those of you that don’t think I smile enough, there’s one of those too! 😛

the thing I’m typing ? Nothing of particular substance, but I do read it to you after I’m done.

Video is approximately 2 minutes, 15 seconds long, and loads when you click the green play button.

a beat poem for you from my book

I’m working on this book of beat poems…

Here’s a selected work to whet or perhaps drench your literary appetite:

Hello There!
How are you dear soul?

I am most excellent,
as I hope that when your eyes,
find these words- most excellent-
is the state that you’re in.

Parakeet, dingo.
Wigwam, Tulsa.
Doorbell, Santa Klaus..

Trinket, Infinity.
Mambo, Radar.

Djimbe, Incense.
Frost, Paine…
Thomas, Theodora.
Lanky, Doberman.

Adorable gaggle of baby geese,
Half eaten bowl of ice-cream,
A spat of shepherd’s pie,
A dingo has spit in my eye,
Formaldehyde in an ancient jar,
Found crystallized-
In sub-basement’s domain;

All was quiet when the jar appeared.
Notice did anyone save for my eyes?
Apparently not! For it was,
Discovery all forth mine eyes.

Cats, drill-bits, are not equilateral triangles.
Soju is not a type of fruit.
To Kill a Mockingbird, would be shameful.

However, if ’twas a mockingbird;
An excellent work you’ve just read!

Elephants, elephants, elephants!
A parade of technicolor lights, and lamps, dot the-

Vibrantly dressed clowns dance in the streets.
Gas lamps flickr atop ancient columns,
San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Boston-
Seattle, Pittsburgh. All had these at the turn,

of the century.

And what a romantic touch they must have been-
when they were not- setting things on fire,


For these modern times, we are told that an unattractive and oft,
alien looking shade of white will have to suffice-
‘specially if it happens to,
come whence forth- an iconic,
nor Doric, or ionic,
and unsightly cement pebbled type apparatus.
To knock one over,
whether on purpose, or accident-
is wholly contingent upon a very,
large fine. Something to the tune,
of 2,000 large.

Flying cats,

Japanese tiny boxes, marzipan filling.
Mexican pastry, soup for 12.
Finality of prose.

a poem for unity:

[authors note: I had a different version of this typed on the fly – into my iPhone’s WordPress app, which failed me – so I re-created it as best I could.  Enjoy, and see if you can take these words to heart.]


Poem for Unity ~


Are we really all so different?

Are we really that hateful, greedy, violent, petty, and self-serving?

Does it really have to be this way?



A world filled with love, joy, respect, wonder and adoration —

Has been hiding under the surface all along.


Underneath the surface of you. 


We are all connected, and for each day you live your truth,

and answer the call of your higher-self –


Those repercussions are felt and echoed,

somewhere else in the world.  


As you add the elements of your unique self to the human collective,

remember that you are powerful, you are wonderful, you are glorious, 

and you do make a difference.  Each and every day.


We are all one.

I love you.