c0nnected.net begins…

Big things afoot… http://www.c0nnected.net project under way, today is a great day to start!

Several of you have emailed me already or expressed interest over Twitter Direct Messages, which is excellent!

Thank you in advance for stepping up and owning your ideas, and being brave enough to actualize the desire to share with the world.

More information will be provided as I work on this further… I’ll be putting in some time today to get this started, and then it truly becomes a collaborative, crowd sourced effort, powered by you, you, and YES- *you too.* My role will primarily be of the curator, however I will also post along with your contributions of knowledge.

Please continue to be excited, pass the word along to anyone who you feel may be interested, I’ll be setting up those of you who want an account today, and those of you who have asked for more info, I’m authoring a doc to send to you.

Thanks so much, and most importantly thank yourselves, for being brave, for thinking outside the box, for keeping your chin up, and for daring to PARTICIPATE!

Afterall – this isn’t for me, it’s for WE, US, THEM, all humanity – will benefit from the scope of this project….

If you have ANY question, or wish to be involved,
PLEASE either comment here, or email me directly-

omar [@] c0nnected.net – it’ll hit my iPhone directly, and you have my promise that I will be in touch as soon as I can.

our world