Fidgety Gæm :

What is his name?
Ballasts and shame!
Not for you,

Eat from the sipping cup,
Drink from your bowl,
Dress up now and then,
Make things not droll.

Won’t you please,
Accompany me-
Out into the crisp night air,
Perchance for a stroll?

Of grapes,
Of medicated canapés,
WHO knows the lay of the land,
AND that true medicine is from,
MOTHER nature’s;


We play a fidgety gæm,
With the health of our,
Very names,
VITAL frame-
Our health you see,
And education about thee;
Playing with mans,

For you shall in time perhaps learn,
If you’ve the drive towards love enough;

To yearn,
Towards the achievement of every action,
Taken out of nothing but pure love,

You will truly understand,
The universe is nothing and everything,
Upon a grain of glistening beautiful,

-The feelings of knowing what everything,
And knowing nothing is everything,
And everything is nothing,
Cannot be understood,

Will have and will be long since lost,
The typical heart,
IMPRISONED in the mega-frost,

Take your life to a commitment,
Of nothing but existing as pure love,
Then promised to you isn’t,
The winning lotto,

Far better,
For you’ll eventually become,

A Bodhisattva.
And know what it feels like to walk upon the green grasses of heaven,
For it is truly here,
On earth…

P. S- That pearly gates thing is a trans-allegorical-figurative-mythologically based allegory for my words here in this poem,
Speaking to process.

P. P. S-
I love you.

P. P. P. S
All spiritual practices are a path to the same God. It’s actually all the same thing.