Jumping out of imagination, and into the streets of Kazakhstan!

So I’m trolling around the web, reading about Sascha Baron Cohen’s latest movie, Brüno, and I notice something VERY different… Or at the very least, it’s a departure from traditional handling of bad PR, so I’d like to hi-light it..

TMZ.com on Cohen, and how the Deputy Minister of Kazakhstan..

below is from the article,

Deputy foreign minister Rakhat Aliyev told a local Kazakhstan news agency that Borat could learn that “women drive cars, wine is made of grapes and jews are free to go to synagogues.” While he doesn’t agree with Borat’s criticism of Kazakhstan, he believes that his fellow countrymen, “must have a sense of humor and respect the creative freedom of others.”

WOW! Really? … Stay with me here:

So we have a public relations officer of the actual Kazakhstani government, addressing someone who doesn’t exist, played and portrayed by someone who does, but for profit, pretends to be other people. (Like other actors.) // Okay- so this is intriguing because we’re witnessing a:

representational process – (defined as):: Any basic cognitive process in which some entity comes to stand for or represent something else.

Baron Cohen, has officially transformed and entered the 3rd dimension… From Baron Cohen, acting as Borat – To an actual flesh and blood personage to be addressed. Unless we’re to expect a fool of Khazak Deputy Minister ..

I wish I had more insight into Aliyev’s commentary, it’s certainly interesting.

Is he trying to playfully extend a welcome to our country, you will find it nice here? (as damage control for the film “Borat?” Is he simply being playful? Also, could he be playing into MGM/Universal’s publicity, and the statement was paid for and prepared by studio execs!

Lots of unanswered questions here, a curious observation though…

The alternative spin-off here is that it’s now a precedent to refer to things that don’t exist as tangible has been set by a public official.. *crickets . . . *

OH WAIT, that’s right – that’s why I don’t write about the financials.. The fiat money doesn’t exist, and is referred to as tangible… EXITING, PROMPTLY, STAGE LEFT!