old poetry found while cleaning (from Sept 11th, ’01)

Found this while I was cleaning out the catacombs
 --  otherwise known as a closet.  ;-)
I started writing this moments after I found out
about Sept 11th, 2001 - WTC Tower Attacks.
The poem was finished September 30th, 2001,
and is reproduced for you in it's entirety below ::

Life as it is fragile,
transient as slipping grains of sand,
slides and moves.
Do not forget love,
as it holds our memories of life's finest.
With love, they shall not be fleeting,
as our time here goes by.
Heed time.
Life yields to it.
Love binds life,
as love is eternal,
so is life.
The rest of the poem was added on the 30th
of September, and is below:

Lucid tranquility,
the water lies.
Solid glass,
chilled ice.
Stretched- acrost a depression of ground.
Stoic yet expansive,
this is the way of the pond,
in the days of cold.
In search of life as embers glow,
smoke wafts through time and the infinite beyond,
and reminds-
of the warmness of the soul.
Hearts bleed,
sliver apart slowly by day,
quickly by lone night.
Blood from broken heart,
weigh down thy broken soul,
thy broken cry out upon the night,
screeching to all and any receptive.
No one listens.
Thy broken soul remains---
Crushed aluminum,
crushed dreams,
a fickle laugh,
hardly an afterthought,
from the mind of he who demolishes,
she who destroys;
All that was known,
and dear.
Instruments of freedom and expression.
Of unbridled passion.
Conveyance through message of simplicity,
and sonic purity.
Rolling from strings n' stretched surfaces.
Resonating and refracting through -
Our auras, and our consciousness.