Bad! {TV}Parent!!!-ing 101- a re-Instruction poem of guidance

This is sung to the melody of the fresh beat band’s theme song… Yes the disney show with the robot idiot white guy, the redhead, the black guy, etc- a depressing reinforcement of racial disambiguation anyways…… Dont trip on that look and sing this masterpiece aloud! :)

The song isnt Its not anti disney its anti TV Driver parenting- just happens to be set to a disney melody. Ha…Enjoy!

La la dee daa daah daah daah,
Disney is a brain rotting factory,
Lets decide together,
To teach our children,
Actual ways to see and be,
To think for themselves and decide you see,
This is proper parenting for those who are or to be!

so heed ye,
And don’t park a young one,
In front of the tv,
Unless you want to turn their minds to slush and consider yourself a useless asshole, then go right ahead.

But what you say?
TAke them with me?
Yes indeed,
Your seed.
Is to be guarded with your life-
Yes indeed.

so take the wee one with you,
And teach them how it all works up to a bit,
Until it’s decided that they can alone stand and think.

Lest you become miserable with the results of your “tv parenting” read utterly disgraceful failure, and drive yourself to a life of drugs depression and drink!


Luke, I am your blue eyed daughter.. {a poem about lifepath..}

luke, I am your blue eyed daughter.
do not provide me cannon fodder,
for I will attempt to spell,
o-no–moto–p-i-a, very slowly, with glee.

do not interrupt a man whilst he pees!

oh glee oh mee oh myy,
what a not pig sty..

rhyme man rhyme chime go grimy and deep into the poetical abyss, syd grys- a san francisco dee jay,
but not a veejay, chay day? da? daaa? all words. validly absurd,
not to the local speaker,
breaker one two one two,
please make sure to,
buckle them shoes.

soup- of the experiential-
cements the memories,

for non linear success,
within or out of-
but done graciously,
with actions of love,
and of service to others,
one shall find that,
they shall be,
filled with and wallowing in glee-
and it shall abound!
with abundance-
of course, steadfast listeners-
hanging here with me,
I am humbled that you are still !AcTIVELy! listening…
shall we share a smile,
emotions are a-okay and to be experienced through the body- through FEELInG. the heart brain connection-

and many sever it-
through the pains and trials of life..

so please if you love yourself~ *pause**** ask yourself-
when ! ……..was the last time I cried deeply and wept? it should be recently and easily available to your memory- if you are fully open and presently A…L…I…V….E….! actively feeling flowing grooving loving and h e a l i n g ….! those around you ,
and your love ones-
but please remember!
a “stranger”
…. is just someone

you have not met yet..
because to the other you are another, the stranger and the other. so you see..

there are no strangers,
just others you have yet spoken with.

so be open and declaratively awesome and assertive and trust that gut feeling act right up upon it, just like a knight would gallop into the firing of arrows… you ride towards your destiny with open heart and wet love filled eyes-

this will be your blessed and amazing journey of purpose-

upon the happy trails,
of the o-p-e-n….. eyeed.

remember, there’s
more than enough-
all the time-
for everyone.

so please, enjoy living, loving and serving in abundance, and bringing others near the precipice of realization, actualization, sublimation unto becoming their very own portals of divinity-

bring them into the circle,
if you are so able.

and…. enjoy the;

! I love you too.


be the spoon- a poem about presence and action


#poem ••• “be the spoon” •••
:::::::::::.:::::::::.::..::::::::::::::::……….:: ::

be the spoon,
bend the spoon,

dance at high noon…
Fill the glass,
Dance with class,
it’s your glass to fill,

so get up off of your ass!

These experiences and all things,
must be brought to you,
by you,
for you-

to live through,
to experience.
At last.

But you must show up to dance!
Otherwise, askance askew- where is the experience. for you?

See you where the action is! // · Reply at Twitter


something to think about.. the godhead reality holographic matrix..

#CellPhones #Computers.. Have us artificially myopically viewing our world shallowly

at arms length, yet ironically artificially worldwide in hand

now you are entering the rabbit hole.. some of this may be familiar to you, a lot of

it may not be, but please sit with it, and see how it “feels,” and what you may just

remember or think of..feel free to share back, I’m curious how this sits with you..
////: at any length, let us begin..

First off.. “computers hold us from the real tangible (first) world at arms length.

they display it artificially , creating a (second) world using the duality of light

and dark to assemble by two integers (1, and naught one,) a three dimmensional

(x,y,z) composite (composition) (a composed scene) of what you are looking at on-

screen, and is being electrically created.
It’s worth mentioning here that infinity is accepted to be represented by the numeral

1, naught is an invention to explain lack of, so 100 isn’t more than 1 truly (except

in common thought, accounting etc) when you have more than 1 tangible item in front

of you, it’s just a multiplicand of that hologram, the hologram being the three

dimmensional formed grouping of matter creating that object. Once an object has a

defined holographic three dimmensional representation, it’s really just being

multiplied, it’s not a different entity, it’s the same. So that’s what I meant by

100 isn’t more than 1, truly. It’s a bit conceptual, but bear with me…
What I’m aiming mainly to show you, however is that if we are all truly infinite

beings (as it’s said) and there really is only ONE being, diffrenciated into a

multiplex of fractionalized bits of conscious mind, and physically appearing as a

manifested thought of this ONE being (we are all children of god so it’s said,) and

I’m suggesting here to you that this one being, this one consciousness really is this

being people typically call god, and we are all like strands of hair, coming out of

gods head, our thoughts and realities little worlds dancing around on the length of

our stand of hair, this hair representing our realm, from positive (love

manifestations of form closer to the root, or negative vibrational rates as we move

away from our nature and further out on the strand of hair.. This can be considered

our input to this machine…
We have this mer-ka-ba vehicle you see, a set of triangles (energetic bodies) that

rotate in opposite directions around the body, and this corresponds to our 12 chakra

system (7 in the body, 5 outside and around it, last one is global..) animals,

plants, are all part of the projection, part of the being.. this is really all a

x,y,z projection in a physical form, then it gets really interesting to consider

that; if “we are all powerful omnipotent beings, we are free will capable, free will

generating machines (parts of an autonomous whole) I’ll suggest further strongly such

that we influence “as pieces” of “this one thing,” (this being god), that we drive

the machine, by the collective reciprocity / refractionary impact of our inputs;

together plugging into what I’ll colloquially term “godshead” (plugging into the

brain) a direct link), this is why everything respects, refers to or is balanced in

ratios of infinite fractals— we call pi, and golden mean. fibbonacci is an

alternate universally applicable mathematical projection, but lets not discuss this

So, moving along, jumping to different parts of the body of “the god grid,” where

one can visualize oneself as a strand of hair.. our understanding of this intimate

connection of all peoples is crucial to us not destroying our world, this earth

flying machine.. As we hurl through the local cosmos, has it ever occurred to you

that the actions of a planet (which is a living being, a body, a vehicle ITSELF!) the

inhabitants directly correlate to the outcome of said vehicle, said planet. If you

kick your car door with steel toe boots, it dents and may not close properly. If you

strip mine an entire valley, plants do not grow in it, and the local ecosystem, as

well as the food chain are affected — and these effects extrapolate outward, in

fractically less and less impact the further from the source, but all these inputs

globally are additive, just as if you smoked a cigarette you may feel fine after, but

add the other 19 in the box and you’ll quickly find yourself very sick. This is what

we’ve been doing to our planet and to eachother. More on that later.
I’ll mention here also that in order to properly understand this, the world, and our

dna, (our 12 chakras), the 12 in “the god” representation I speak of here, all scale

back and forth perfectly, infinitely in non-wavering mathematical precision. the

heart, the root, the throat (all become different dimmensions of this huge “god

thing,” we all wirelessly are plugged into it, “creating our realities..” yet it’s

only one reality, the godhead brain has come to a state created with this

individuation consciousness, our individuation..the individual if you didn’t

understand to this point..How one treats another physically diffrenciated being is a

direct mirror of reflection of self, of self love and vibrational ability to express

and identify with love, both on a dna level and outward holographic projection.

Treating an animal poorly is also a reflection of poor internal dynamics within your

personal DNA/hologram. We go back to the head of hairs concept again to bring this

more relatably to you. The total health of the organism (god) is dependent on how

the hairs operate. It gets more concrete when you learn that we draw energy into our

bodies and this mer-ka-ba vehicle through a tube running the length of our bodies, on

the inside. yes, it goes through the spine. it extends the whole length of the

body. things move in both directions.
this image of the diffrenciated self comes from a fall from our senses, our

abilities, our awareness of ; ability to sense and experience the whole being, a

truly articulate fractilized microExpression of the macroExpression (god), but

connected directly into God and as a part of the godmachine, a human is a member of a

truly articulate, wide berthed, wide banded creature, we have taken to calling “God.”

..all steering one planet (earth) which itself is alive, as all “children of god” all

summary parts of the whole, leveraging this set of abilities, for our purpose here on

this planet, etc..
a person/individual, a strand, a ray of light, leveraged to the current world of

“watching mtv and mindless sex,” or “desperate housewives, or prada shoes and

lambroghinis” is useless to the goal of pure consciousness/light/ which does little

allegorically for this virtue and in this case directly to the human frame/vehicle to

positively affect gods health, everyones health, your health… THE

It’s like the joke of the mid 80’s “when God was handing out brains, you were playing

Nintendo..” Not knowing WHAT YOU ARE, will ultimately lead to a disharmony of the

machine, this godmachine, our earth which looks to be our godbody and the sun may be

our father (in a sense.) but at the immediate moment we won’t go down that road of

Now, where the governments of the world (really all one thing), think they’re in

charge of us all, it’s rather funny how simple it really is. You see, before the

last ice age happened, and a few suns ago (pole shift cycles and the like.. this is

all documented in national best sellers, etc..) see Graham Hancock, basically what’s

happening is there were “gods among men” that “lived on the earth”.. even the bible

mentions this, and it’s a bit of a stretch to imagine a 60 foot high mangod running

around, but bearing this in mind, thousands of years later, the people in the highest

eschelons of government (and you generally really will never see them or know who

they are), believe themselves to be the genetic descendents of these original

manGods. This gives them a sense of a “divine right to rule,” as such of the old

model of the pharcies, and other religious groups (does the pope not find himself in

a similar position?) subject ruler, subject ruler, subject ruler, subjects ruler.

that’s how they’re seeing it. They literally think of you as a “subject.” This

clearly isn’t the deepest truth of the matter, or even how you view yourself!

So this govt system, (all interconnected), has been interbreeding for thousands of

years, to keep this “DNA Package” as close to “home” as possible, thus retaining the

“divine right to rule.” (So they think..) They’d like to and are attempting to

decide how many people are allowed on this earth, what they do, where they go, what

their collective fate is. This clearly isn’t the best case scenario, but it’s

presently what’s here on earth. It gets weirder when you realize there are folks

from the other planets in our solar system and various star systems that have made

exo-political (outside of the normal fieldview of politics on earth…) agreements

that secure various fates and global collaborations, most of which you wouldn’t

likely agree with. We’ll stay away from this rather large and disturbing topic for

Moving back to our previous explanation, if we are all truly represnted as bodies

encasing strands of light, like a “live wire, electrical biological reality

generating machine,” if you will.. each person a soul, a body, a hair of the godhead

machine, plugging into the brain, which we have heard described by many people as “A

COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS,” or “ONE CONSCIOUSNESS;” Perhaps more directly the reality

of, is we’re all nodes unto the manifestation of ONE BEING, and using the collective

consciousness, being (its brain) being psychic, etc.. Is just is as simple as

remembering how to read the “godshead brainthink”, or “to grapple around to a

different branch of the tree,” or “access the collective mind,” or “the aether” which

is a way to jump from “hair to hair,” “branch to branch,” to help read

psychically/telepathically/etc different beings via (psychic inTuiTion) in-to-U-I-

ions.. play with that. “into you I see (your ions forming mental outcomes)…
Interesting to also mention originally man was created by god in the shape and form

of a tree, and they lived for very long periods of time, but were not very dynamic.

this got boring apparently, so earth/god made man evolve into in his image instead.

but fractically orders of magnitude much smaller. when the knowledge was taken with

the fall of the tower of babel,(figurative) (and to babble.. to speak incoherently..

yes! the story IS related to the meaning of that word…) and later library of

alexandria (physical) (speak not to eachother, for they will be unable to understand

eachothers speech, (babel) etc. Our DNA has been cut down from 12 to 2 strands, and

this is a part of the fall from this graceful state humans were once in, when the

earth population was smaller, and people were nicer, had more ability, food was

abundant, water was clean, etc… technology didn’t require engines.. worth

mentioning that the planet controls the warming cycle, not our actions. Although

there’s no way around it, we are totally screwing up our environment.

at present year 2011, many are awake in various stages of remembering/awakening our

true nature, but there are many unconscious, being used by this other catalyst/force

as a food/energy source of sorts. There are those who say the beings feed off of

fear, which is the opposite of love. two root emotions a human is capable of are

fear and love, everything else is a derivative of these two states…love and fear

are the highest magnetude order of expression though. Whatever name you’ll choose to

call them by, they’re behind materialism, Television, a dynamic engine set up

to limiting the expression of pure unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness

essentially..) this benefits them, as they eat the results energetically of a non-

fully-actualized-being-of-love “lightbody, etc etc.. these have been called the

“schism people” we’ll avoid this topic at present as it goes deep into the annals of

human history and is a rather involved topic.

I haven’t diffrenciated 100% how this all correlates perfectly to other galaxies,

stars, bodies or found the proper way yet to explain it to you.. what I’m getting

thus far, as a succinct explanation is they are different “people,” different “gods.”

you may be aided to consider them temporarily, cosmic chia-gardens or chi-Pets. Oh

look, we have 12 planets, and this extra bit.. there are several chia-gardens, or

planets.. (I’m postulating 12 main..) and one playing field or holographic controller

module/modulator/somesuch (why 13 comes up everywhere,) one god + 12 disciples, 12

constellations, etc. Each being “non-human” is an ET from one of these 12 life

bearing units (planets in our immediate solar system.) hairs of chia seeding

planet=race. if All ET’s from jupiter were only blue for example, all that jupiter

hair would be blue, all earth green like chia-grass ..(this metaphor is strictly for

visualizing the biggest picture of the solar system here..) Now, it may very well

fractalize in an expansion set of bodies, fractically, infinitely outward from 12

primary planetary bodies; but 12 is just a base here, and i’m truthfully only trying

to explain OUR solar system..
coming back the artificial reality of typing up a document for example on a computer

calls up several things, the way we experience this artificial reality (the user

interface or UI,) the actual code of the program (a set of functionalities of which

we would be able to permutate various inputs to the program’s data set), and a set of

instructions for these permutations to run the gathered/collected inputs and execute

them (translate) into something that looks like your familiar planar “earth”

hologram, but on a screen/device. I feel strongly we’re “being played here..” being

removed from our first reality, into a rather deep relationship with silicon based

life forms….
if we are perhaps being pushed prematurely and farmed into/towards the next ice age,

theres a definite correlation to godhead being and vehicle planet earth getting a

bath or taking the biggest shower you’ve never tried to imagine, to put things one

way. a very cold shower. This triggering mechanism being related directly to

timespan and population and or both, but most likely from historical evidence, just

time.. Time being a representational scale so our scaled down human-being form

factor can comprehend the order of magnitude of how things work in the solar system..

afterall- one year is the # of days for earth to make one rotation around the —

we’ve all heard that bit before!

so the fossil records show 90,000 yrs ice age, 10,000 yr inbetween of life, here on

earth. godhead earth, planet earth, earth is our truest friend, family, our

symbiotic benefactor of which without we perish… earth is part of you, part of your

—body— it’s you but very, very, very big……! are you getting it yet? and

earth likes long, cold showers! (one every hundred thousand yrs..)

on global warming, when too much c02 happens, eventual heating, and one day snap!

fozen for 90,000 yrs.. it’s not a burning, it’s a cooling that’s caused. enough on

that, I simply don’t want to get into it at the moment..

Clearly by now, you’re understanding or hopefully have assumed while this document is

a functional overview of many different inter-correlated things, it’s not supposed to

be all-inclusive, or a be-all-end-all… Take it for what it is, it’s designed to

make you think. There’s a lot of truth to what I’ve laid down for you to ponder. I

have nothing to gain from telling a tall tale! Lets move onto a bit about how time


What is time anyway? Do you have the time? No, that’s impossible! Time is a

relational metaphor, a representation, a hologram, not a thing…

Time is said to go forwards, backwards, and sideways. (x,y,z) axis folks! but with

a zeropoint (where time iz zero, y is zero, zero (naught naught naught) this is the

present… the zero point is at the centre of all three elements of time.. its where

the hologram is initialized energetically into tangible form drawn by

intention/attraction of images to formation of solid
matter, (an electromagnetic mechanism all of this really..) if one grasps past,

they’re really just relating to a now hologram of what was once occurring tangibly in

the zero point, the convergence of matter and energies drawn to a solid, relatable

Resonance, code(dna), and the manifestation of form..) but when something is grasped

at in the future, they’re also just grasping at a hologram, one that has not yet been

constructed(built/assembled, by its various (POTENTIAL) outcomes..) and when one

travels sideways in time, they are traveling through the present, to different parts

of it, because these simultaneous present realities are all occurring in the zero

point, for everyone. this is where it’s hard to understand time. it’s not something

you have, or have the ability to save, squander, waste, etc. you are a holographic

vibrational body of light mapped out on three axes, attracting objects, situations,

realities to yourself and your sphere, in real time, always, as is everyone else.

this is why time is such a strange paradigm to comprehend… it’s global, it’s

instantaneous, it’s a never ending electro-magnetic representation, really, in

simplest explanation it’s a way to describe the “illusion of linearity in the world

as things unfold.” but at this point, you now know and hopefully understand this

isn’t what we have. cycles of planetary movement can also be measured relationally in

this fashion using “time,” and this tool is why we now think we’re in the end “times”

things cycle here on earth, and in our solar system.. EVERYTHING is related to the

movement of celestial bodies as they cycle around one another, etc etc.

this is a “code hopping,” of sorts! this “live action” time travel. time is not a

thing one can hold in the hand, it’s actually a representational model. time is a

model of potential (futures) generated by dna imprinting (deep memory) and what’s

happening at the zeropoint of a situation. these fields interact and inter-correlate

to form a reality that’s “tangible” in cooperation with the brain.. the brain is

present and our conducting apparatus for creating and drawing matter to the field

(the human body), and electromagnetic convergence (zeropoint,fission,creation,etc..)

is the present.. (as represented by time, this also tri-axial thing, a bit more

precise than saying “time is three dimmensional.” ) how exciting !

and to provide a SMALL insight into the importance of sound… we’re called HUMans..

those who answer/respond/interact with/ to HUMS/sound/sound vibration/resonant

frequencies.. a code…for everything does have a resonant frequency… a frequency

is the very thing that encodedly holds matter together, as it oscillates (vibrates at

a certain rate) to hold its solid form. it can be represented as a sine wave… and

in the manifestation of this energy in a wave, the object is held together….being

held together……….

it’s been postulated by serious researchers that wonder how the ancients moved stone

blocks effortlessly into positions at weights of 2-300 tons, were levetated against

the earths poles and energy fields, and the blocks were made to resonate and float in

this way.. it’s entirely possible theorhetically, and I believe in due course we’ll

re-discover this lost technology.

Not to jump around too much, but things are shaping up in a most intriguing fashion

with the earth’s poles as we move along in procession towards Aquarius.. As we gaze

up, we hear and see of new things in the atmosphere and the sky we refer to as

“space” every day! Stay tuned..

on the formation of universal potential, and manifested states:

This flowed through me the other night…  About 5:30 in the morning, on June 7th, 2009 to be exact.  I find it pretty profound, and feels VERY relevant to share…   Here you go – I hope this benefits you…  Think as you read, re-read, print this, etc!  Absorb.  Lots of info here to ponder upon, extrapolate upon, etc.


The source you seek, I get it now.  

Creations force, in you and me.

The truth inside, is simply there,

bridge the gap and it unfolds,

the helix of the matrix code.


The light you need, inside yourself,

is there to be, to greet ! You see.


The passion source, 

the energy, the God within,

creations source.


The force you need, 

inside yourself,

the light be there,

to make it BE—


Then behold, the global truth,

the ALL to BE, universe, magnanimity !


Universe, inside yourself,

the key to hold,

the light be bold.  

To you and me, 

this is truth–

The source, the force, it unfolds….


Your fingertips, the vector point,

your mind and heart the compass.


The spark you need, it greets you now,

Look inside, 

then you’ll see –



Cosmic force, shall guide you here,

LISTEN to the TRUTH you speak..


The things you do, 

then unfold,

in GRACIOUS LIFE, ALL is told.  

Live as thus, and you shall meet-

your purpose here.


The harmony,

the unity,

look within, 


become the source, 

THE light be bold,

it follows YOU,

for it is of,

the ONENESS here,

the CONSCIOUSNESS, it be told.


ONENESS here, a global truth,

universal LIGHT, for all to grasp.


The guidance force,

be it there,

is PERFECT you see,

in it’s course.  


So it’s said,


The only time,

we really have,

sits with us,

unfolding NOW—

The matrix course, is perfect then,

its’ beauty speaks…

To Those Who Listen.

Some Daily Wisdom:


“A watermelon that breaks open by itself tastes better than one cut with a knife.”
-Hualing Nieh, 1981

We can have the best teachers in the world. We can read the most amazing books. We can climb a mountain in Tibet and be blessed by a guru. But when we finally “get it” – it’s because we did it. No one can grow for us, no one can learn for us. Life, and its pace, are self-determined. We will get there of our own accord.
-Lissa Coffey

If you wish to sign up for Lissa Coffey’s excellent 5x weekly newsletter, called Wisdom News, please visit her main website at CoffeyTalk ,

Also, she launched a social network – for Vedic minded types.

Namaste! And may you climb the highest mountain only if the task has meaning to you.

A poem to read and think about on Valentine’s Day:

The Invitation-

by Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Canadian Teacher and Author

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living
I want to know what you ache for
and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me how old you are
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love
for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon…
I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow
if you have been opened by life’s betrayals
or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain
mine or your own
without moving to hide it
or fade it
or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy
mine or your own
if you can dance with wildness
and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your
fingers and toes
without cautioning us to
be careful
be realistic
to remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true.
I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself.

If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul.
If you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see Beauty,even when it is not pretty every day.
And if you can source your own life from its presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure
yours and mine
and still stand on the edge of the lake
and shout to the silver of the full moon,

It doesn’t interest me
to know where you live or how much money you have.
I want to know if you can get up after a night of grief and despair
weary and bruised to the bone
and do what needs to be done
to feed the children.

It doesn’t interest me who you know
or how you came to be here.
I want to know if you will stand
in the center of the fire
with me
and not shrink back.

It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom
you have studied.
I want to know what sustains you from the inside
when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself
and if you truly like the company you keep
in the empty moments.


Take this quote to heart-

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs