Adyashanti – On The Development of Consciousness:

Spiritual teacher Adyashanti describes how in the development of human consciousness, there comes a shift from a sense of a separate self toward the experience of unity. He points out that the fear of losing our individual identity keeps us from making this shift, and by confronting our fear we come into love. Adyashanti also suggests that reaching a point of crisis can allow an opportunity for consciousness to shift, individually and collectively.

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the smokescreen of disconnection –

have you ever noticed,

and seen through the smokescreen?


have you also wondered,

why nobody seems to care or notice anymore?


the great national seance of television and “marketed culture,”

have fractalized society into “lifestyles,” and “statuses,”

and perpetuated the falsity of “difference.”


Reunite with your brothers, sisters, mothers, brothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors,

and others.  


We’re all in this together.

a poem for unity:

[authors note: I had a different version of this typed on the fly – into my iPhone’s WordPress app, which failed me – so I re-created it as best I could.  Enjoy, and see if you can take these words to heart.]


Poem for Unity ~


Are we really all so different?

Are we really that hateful, greedy, violent, petty, and self-serving?

Does it really have to be this way?



A world filled with love, joy, respect, wonder and adoration —

Has been hiding under the surface all along.


Underneath the surface of you. 


We are all connected, and for each day you live your truth,

and answer the call of your higher-self –


Those repercussions are felt and echoed,

somewhere else in the world.  


As you add the elements of your unique self to the human collective,

remember that you are powerful, you are wonderful, you are glorious, 

and you do make a difference.  Each and every day.


We are all one.

I love you.