[1701 Haight Mosaic]: still art, 40+ yrs later…

This is the inlaid mosaic work that rests in front of the shop that’s located at 1701 Haight Street. It’s a fun, cute little store selling clothing and essential oils, among a few other neat items. I believe it’s right at Cole St. =] This is also an iPhone capture.

[found tattoo]: yay area

I thought it was a terribly unique tattoo, so I asked if I may photograph it, and we spent a moment getting it right. Although I only had my iPhone on me at the time, I’d say it turned out fairly well after it went through Aperture. Still, I only do things that one could really do in the darkroom. :]

[euchronia]: @ burningman 2006.

euchronia @ burningman 2006

This was Euchronia, set entirely ablaze.  The one month long grueling construction schedule, the twenty or so Belgian’s loaded to the gills with construction equipment who flew over to California and drove out to the site of The Burningman Festival in the Nevada Desert… The 60,000 + 2×4 style beams, and all of the nails that held it together, went up in a truly magical and frenetic geometric-patterning-en-fuego the night of August 3rd, 2006. That Sunday night will forever haunt my mind, it was –


There was some controversy after the burn – when the artist’s work ended up in a Lexus commercial.  The ruckus was over wether or not the artist had a previously standing agreement/contract with Lexus/Toyota to build a test model at Burningman, leveraging the artwork a clever marketing tool.

I do not recall the outcome of the aforementioned snafu, however that’s not what my memory prefers to rest on -  Euchronia was a truly gorgeous art project, utilized by many fire spinners, dancers, and happy people while it rested on the playa for all of one month, mostly used one week, however we were lucky enough to see it for almost two.  Euchronia, and artist – hats off, what a wonderful project.

Photograph taken with Canon Powershot A530 – [no-longer-in-possession].  I gifted this camera to my sister 6 months ago.  It’s getting thousands of %’s more use with her.  I prefer to shoot other camera systems I’ve got over here, naturally.  =]

[francesca]: my cat likes to help me garden.

francesca asleep by plants

This is my kitty, Francesca – being cute. She fell asleep next to the herb garden, after some rigorous kibitzing on my gardening techniques. ;] I was trying to grow some Hopi Amaranth, and some Holy Basil. The cat ate both. I’ll perhaps try again soon, and document the progress if it goes well, or if it doesn’t. It’ll be interesting for us to track what happens.. The first time through, the seeds for the Tulsi (Holy Basil), sprouted and were an inch tall in 6 days. Amazing. Also, the seeds are from seeds of change, and are certified organic by the Oregon Tilth.

I was attempting to grow the plants with 150 watt light bulb from Verilux, and using photo light stands that I have already to hold them up. It was fun, but didn’t ultimately work out due to the cat eating the plants as they got bigger.

[valley floor #1]: from atop Durnst Peak

This quickly became very cold up here, and was wonderfully refreshing. The wind was howling! It was however, quite gorgeous, and drive down was indeed rewarded with dinner at the bottom. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of our recent trip to Southern California for mothers day weekend; turned vacation. April and I drove up here as a special treat for my birthday, which went relatively un-celebrated back in January due to a lack of strategic planning. [I’m actually born January 21st.]

The drive is fun, and goes through the countryside – away from Santa Clarita, towards Lancaster and Palmdale – ultimately ending up connecting to Pyramid Lake/Castaic area, and passing through the small towns of Lake Hughes, CA / Green Valley. If you’re unfamiliar, and in the area, travel down Boquet Canyon Road, in the direction of Palmdale – you’ll find all sorts of cool nature areas to explore!