restoration 2015

Life is precious,

Do not squander possibility.


Be ready for the world,
as it does not stand still.

The coming of peace,
and the restoration of order,
the natural order-
is coming.

Rejoice in this truth.
From the chaos shall come order,
but without chaos,
change cannot emerge.

However it is important,
to note that when it does-

It will give rise to-

such clarity,
and lifeblood-vigor,

that it all the impending toil and strife,
shall be worth it-
in the end.

Restoration 2015.

authors notes: This poem isn’t one of my creation necessarily… These words “came to me,” as they say. Just sharing – as that’s the intention of what was channeled to bring you this poem. If metaphysics weirds you out, I don’t apologize. Perhaps instead focus on why you’re afraid of what you cannot see and define.
Else, enjoy the channeled message, for what it is. I know I’m not trying to analyze it that much !


Postulate for change

some say nationalize the banks-
some say erase the debt.
some say leave the country.

everyone will have a different opinion and different take on this economic situation – and I’m not pretending I don’t have my own ideas, viewpoints, and so on regarding this topic.

First off, we are in the process of creating bailouts, bailouts which are supposed to come some from us, some from the govt. well… last time I checked, the govt has an unlimited power to print money. whenever they want some, they walk down the street, or phone and ask the fed, hey! I want this much cash. fed says, okay cool – here you go!

so, this is bringing us to an interesting situation: WHICH honestly is a bit convoluted… purposely.

the fed gives the govt money whenever it wants, at zero obligation. this is because it has a symbiotic relationship with our govt. the fed gets to collect credits ($), on nothing. the govt likes this relationship because it’s said – this representative currency (the federal reserve note, or “dollar” $) is the official monentary unit of the united states. so to recap – the govt gets the power to have as much $, in terms of numbers as it wants, to do its bidding, advance whatever it’s working on, elections, etc.. The fed, in turn, gets the power legally vested to it to collect more of these credits ($), from the populace, other countries, gets a powerful benefit- they get to take the thing you percieve to have value ($), and they get to take it from you simply because they exist.

This isn’t actually a monetary system, it’s a system where one is brainwashed into thinking something is valuable, and expending their resources to gain it. Well folks, the dollar isn’t backed by a goddamn thing.
It’s printed, at whatever amount the fed wants to, and is backed by – no physical goods, no promise of any fixed value (the dollar amount printed on the money doesn’t actually mean anything) – because the market doesn’t price things by the following logic as you’d expect: that logic being – here’s a hat. this hat costs x # of time, and labor, and material to produce. it’s more of, there are these many dollars in circulation, so the market says in order for me to play this game with credits ($’s) and come out ahead of the other people selling hats, I have set the value of the representative components leading up to this hat to certain amounts, which in turn compiles a price.

return beneficial

[it all comes down to power and control]

this was a stub, i wrote in 2009.. just posted it for the heck of it.   i actually haven’t even re-read it.  enjoy.

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