[gardening update #2]: the cat ate more plants.

As of several days ago, (this is late breaking news) – Francesca had succeeded in eating off the tops of all the plants, and eating them all to the soil level.  She also, for some reason – showed a marked proclivity towards eating soil, or at least playing around with it.  I wonder if she needs more wet food in her diet, or if it’s simply playful feline behaviour.  In any event, the plants have been removed from the general livingroom area, as their growth was a bit of a non-event insofar as growing any larger.  The cat doesn’t seem to mind the absence, she is content laying under the artificial sunlamp.

One of the pots that had surfeited a considerable amount of Francesca damage, had suprisingly regrown, after being left in the closet for 1 week, and having been not watered, and been in essentially complete darkness.  It had regrown and then stopped, and appeared to be stunted.  I discovered this plant today while cleaning a closet.  It’s since been re-constituted with water twice, and as of this moment, I’m going to say that I believe the sproutlings of which are about an inch tall, will probably make it !  How lovely.  More on these little ones later.  They’re all that’s growing over here at the moment, I’ve not re-planted and hidden from Francesca’s playful reach just yet.  I’ll do so soon though.

[francesca]: my cat likes to help me garden.

francesca asleep by plants

This is my kitty, Francesca – being cute. She fell asleep next to the herb garden, after some rigorous kibitzing on my gardening techniques. ;] I was trying to grow some Hopi Amaranth, and some Holy Basil. The cat ate both. I’ll perhaps try again soon, and document the progress if it goes well, or if it doesn’t. It’ll be interesting for us to track what happens.. The first time through, the seeds for the Tulsi (Holy Basil), sprouted and were an inch tall in 6 days. Amazing. Also, the seeds are from seeds of change, and are certified organic by the Oregon Tilth.

I was attempting to grow the plants with 150 watt light bulb from Verilux, and using photo light stands that I have already to hold them up. It was fun, but didn’t ultimately work out due to the cat eating the plants as they got bigger.