“everything in it’s right place”

“everything in it’s right place”

such that it was,
once upon a time-
we all lived in a manner divine.

yours was mine,
mine was yours,
why don’t you come over,
for some h’ours devours?

You see, things;
They were different then.

Before television,
and the word “bored.”

Life was magic, and people were happy;
On the insides-
Life is still magic,
you see;
For you and for me.

But it doesn’t appear that way,
for those who choose not to see.

The glory, the light, the energy.
The divine nature, of every-thing,
every where, all the “time.”

It all fits together,
as if a jigsaw puzzle,
made up of miracles-

Is right there under your nose,
so close, it’s -in- you,
around you, over and through you,
under you too. all around you,
for your-
senses to imbue.

If you ever feel lost, look to the trees,
the plants, the birds, and the bees.
The oceans, the animals, a glorious meleé,
a melangé, you’ll see.

For they have not,
forgotten how to see;
You and me.

Greet your fellow man with love and intention,
and don’t forget to mention,
the radiance you feel and see.
Feelings are greater than words,
and the true light is inside- as it would be!

We’re all divine creatures of light,
cosmic radiance and eternal delight!

Pull away from the news,
the weather and the morning paper;
they create a disconnect,
a dis-empowerment,
kindle a fire of “difference,”

These distractions, they create a void,
inside of you;
A disconnect, the opposite of being free!

So don’t forget-
is the nature of being an individual,
one sheep separated from the tribe.
But the truth is, we are all one…

So get back to you nature,
rediscover your nature,
let it be your nurture,
that you have already arrived,

And then you’ll begin again,
to actually SEE.

The world for what it is,
and can be.

Divine, in kind,
To you and for me.
And for Every-thing,
every creature,
every rock,
pebble, bird, and tree…

Has its place, in the divine order of things..
of life. You already feel it, you just forgot how to connect to it,
how it resonates with you and with me.

As you heal, you’ll come to realize and see,
what beautiful creatures we all are,
and yes, that includes you and me.

Luke, I am your blue eyed daughter.. {a poem about lifepath..}

luke, I am your blue eyed daughter.
do not provide me cannon fodder,
for I will attempt to spell,
o-no–moto–p-i-a, very slowly, with glee.

do not interrupt a man whilst he pees!

oh glee oh mee oh myy,
what a not pig sty..

rhyme man rhyme chime go grimy and deep into the poetical abyss, syd grys- a san francisco dee jay,
but not a veejay, chay day? da? daaa? all words. validly absurd,
not to the local speaker,
breaker one two one two,
please make sure to,
buckle them shoes.

soup- of the experiential-
cements the memories,

for non linear success,
within or out of-
but done graciously,
with actions of love,
and of service to others,
one shall find that,
they shall be,
filled with and wallowing in glee-
and it shall abound!
with abundance-
of course, steadfast listeners-
hanging here with me,
I am humbled that you are still !AcTIVELy! listening…
shall we share a smile,
emotions are a-okay and to be experienced through the body- through FEELInG. the heart brain connection-

and many sever it-
through the pains and trials of life..

so please if you love yourself~ *pause**** ask yourself-
when ! ……..was the last time I cried deeply and wept? it should be recently and easily available to your memory- if you are fully open and presently A…L…I…V….E….! actively feeling flowing grooving loving and h e a l i n g ….! those around you ,
and your love ones-
but please remember!
a “stranger”
…. is just someone

you have not met yet..
because to the other you are another, the stranger and the other. so you see..

there are no strangers,
just others you have yet spoken with.

so be open and declaratively awesome and assertive and trust that gut feeling act right up upon it, just like a knight would gallop into the firing of arrows… you ride towards your destiny with open heart and wet love filled eyes-

this will be your blessed and amazing journey of purpose-

upon the happy trails,
of the o-p-e-n….. eyeed.

remember, there’s
more than enough-
all the time-
for everyone.

so please, enjoy living, loving and serving in abundance, and bringing others near the precipice of realization, actualization, sublimation unto becoming their very own portals of divinity-

bring them into the circle,
if you are so able.

and…. enjoy the;

! I love you too.


be the spoon- a poem about presence and action


#poem ••• “be the spoon” •••
:::::::::::.:::::::::.::..::::::::::::::::……….:: ::

be the spoon,
bend the spoon,

dance at high noon…
Fill the glass,
Dance with class,
it’s your glass to fill,

so get up off of your ass!

These experiences and all things,
must be brought to you,
by you,
for you-

to live through,
to experience.
At last.

But you must show up to dance!
Otherwise, askance askew- where is the experience. for you?

See you where the action is! //
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Fidgety Gæm :

What is his name?
Ballasts and shame!
Not for you,

Eat from the sipping cup,
Drink from your bowl,
Dress up now and then,
Make things not droll.

Won’t you please,
Accompany me-
Out into the crisp night air,
Perchance for a stroll?

Of grapes,
Of medicated canapés,
WHO knows the lay of the land,
AND that true medicine is from,
MOTHER nature’s;


We play a fidgety gæm,
With the health of our,
Very names,
VITAL frame-
Our health you see,
And education about thee;
Playing with mans,

For you shall in time perhaps learn,
If you’ve the drive towards love enough;

To yearn,
Towards the achievement of every action,
Taken out of nothing but pure love,

You will truly understand,
The universe is nothing and everything,
Upon a grain of glistening beautiful,

-The feelings of knowing what everything,
And knowing nothing is everything,
And everything is nothing,
Cannot be understood,

Will have and will be long since lost,
The typical heart,
IMPRISONED in the mega-frost,

Take your life to a commitment,
Of nothing but existing as pure love,
Then promised to you isn’t,
The winning lotto,

Far better,
For you’ll eventually become,

A Bodhisattva.
And know what it feels like to walk upon the green grasses of heaven,
For it is truly here,
On earth…

P. S- That pearly gates thing is a trans-allegorical-figurative-mythologically based allegory for my words here in this poem,
Speaking to process.

P. P. S-
I love you.

P. P. P. S
All spiritual practices are a path to the same God. It’s actually all the same thing.


“Where To Now?” A beat poem mini-adventure

“Where to now?”

Up, Down,
Left Right!

Fore, aft, side, side, anterior-
Interiors…. Of;

Station Wagons.
Cruising cross country,
ice cream and popsicle scones,
the politicians representing us are,

Of sorts…

The dawning of 2011 was welcome yet rather uneventful, yet ardvarks and antelopes await,

With love in their hearts,
but not in their asses or farts.
Mr. Pop TART!

That circumnavigation of your sphlenum,
split like the coconut milk down the forked trough-

A bough of Sage and Holly,
shall decorate, invigorate;
Banter and no folly!

Good giggity golly—

Polly, Mollie, Wally, or Nelly;
One of you come quickly.

After we get your help,
we shall sit to eat,
laugh and be joyously silly!


Glancing at Pie…

Glancing at Pie:

Pi . . .

Square root of Pi,
Equal to the speed of;


Which leads us,
to a lost civilization,
but just now today—

Shows as,
a scattering,
of cunning monuments…

See then, the cleverness at Giza,
height over perimeter is Pi,
and it doesn’t cease there…!

The pyramid code,
is eternally transmitted,
and self contained,
by this monument;

Which speaks of Pi and eqinocital procession—

It’s mathematically,
actually, factually,
True and Correct!

Correct to the 432 decimal harmonic…
S-C-A-L-E . . . !
(of earth’s Northern Hemisphere.)
A 432,000 scale model,
of our planet;

An eternal bastion of grace,
mathematically brilliant elegance,
seemingly cut by lasers,

a paper does not fit,
between it’s massively, masterfully;


Engineered blocks…

There are other eternal monuments,
scattered across the earth’s lands,

and one who’s mud, is visible still,
to one’s hands!

Become enraptured then,
in Pi’s in-Phi-nite beauty…

A message to behold,
a message from those like us,
who came before!

In days we’d truly describe as “yooooore.”

It’s written in bold,
Brazenly, to the tune of engineering marvels.

See Teotihuacan,

A memory continually arises,
of a bearded distant powerful man…
Call him Uncle Viracocha!

A whirlwind of misty memories,
distant yet close,
at heart we can learn to hear and feel,
what’s likely encoded in,
the fiber of our very DNA.

A collective,
woven in alphabet ribonucleic lettering,
a biologically kept,
historical record,
collected of and during,
our near past;

Human times.

All across our world,
remnants are found;

Stories of ancient times,
are recalled —

As we decipher,
figure and re-tell…

The newly discovered,
age old tales of our relatives,
our ancestors!

Lives that have come,
and passed.

new world fishsticks

New World Fishsticks::

one two three,
redfish bluefish greenfish,

whales having tea!

sanguine squallor,
a myopic dolamite sangria…
offered free.

futures, features,
built into plan;

The spec is gigantic,
a sweeping of a hand.

Eat, drink, be merry;
For the hammer,
comes down at an unknown time.

Stick together,
Stay Together,
Stick together like battered frozen fishsticks…
Unity will carry;

Us united, magnanimously through..
Whatever comes our way,
in this epic of epics yet unknown!

Avenues, adventures,
Homeric and fleeting,

the episodes we’ll face,
are unfathomably turning..

in our lives together,
on this beautiful blue green orb;

heaven on earth will once again rise up,

after this coming storm.

untitled #1


As we dance,

Thou art always in limbo.

Razor-blades and ice-cream cones,
hydroplane amongst radio controlled drones.

Eat and chew,
I hear that perhaps celery is good for you.

Clarivoyant catchers,
babes in strollers,
do not next—

Hand them the controller.
Also, avoid turning on the tube,
would you?


on the formation of universal potential, and manifested states:

This flowed through me the other night…  About 5:30 in the morning, on June 7th, 2009 to be exact.  I find it pretty profound, and feels VERY relevant to share…   Here you go – I hope this benefits you…  Think as you read, re-read, print this, etc!  Absorb.  Lots of info here to ponder upon, extrapolate upon, etc.


The source you seek, I get it now.  

Creations force, in you and me.

The truth inside, is simply there,

bridge the gap and it unfolds,

the helix of the matrix code.


The light you need, inside yourself,

is there to be, to greet ! You see.


The passion source, 

the energy, the God within,

creations source.


The force you need, 

inside yourself,

the light be there,

to make it BE—


Then behold, the global truth,

the ALL to BE, universe, magnanimity !


Universe, inside yourself,

the key to hold,

the light be bold.  

To you and me, 

this is truth–

The source, the force, it unfolds….


Your fingertips, the vector point,

your mind and heart the compass.


The spark you need, it greets you now,

Look inside, 

then you’ll see –



Cosmic force, shall guide you here,

LISTEN to the TRUTH you speak..


The things you do, 

then unfold,

in GRACIOUS LIFE, ALL is told.  

Live as thus, and you shall meet-

your purpose here.


The harmony,

the unity,

look within, 


become the source, 

THE light be bold,

it follows YOU,

for it is of,

the ONENESS here,

the CONSCIOUSNESS, it be told.


ONENESS here, a global truth,

universal LIGHT, for all to grasp.


The guidance force,

be it there,

is PERFECT you see,

in it’s course.  


So it’s said,


The only time,

we really have,

sits with us,

unfolding NOW—

The matrix course, is perfect then,

its’ beauty speaks…

To Those Who Listen.