To k.i. h , since you said you sometimes come here:

Kristin (k.i h) ,

This is a letter to you,

and you know why it’s here :)

Your email address’ mysterious spontaneous combustion and subsequent jettison into the digital ether of vapourspace, necessitates this style of communication::

To be clear,

(I was not ignoring you, just wanted to give a long and thoughtful response!)

Read on, if you’d be so kind..

I’ll keep it general, since this is public, but aim to impart meaning and heart as I go along.



Rarely in life does someone have an impact,

on you . . .

So memorable,

So meaningful,

no matter how hard you’ve tried—

They cannot be erased.  Quite simply, that’d be you.

The mark went deep, the impact profound.

The writing on the wall, does not come off.

This time too, shall pass;

Although the memories remain,

and you used your permanent inks!

You helped shape my worldview,

our thoughts both hoping for the good inside,

that struggles to emerge from people-

Whilst watching the melodrama of reality…

At a distance.

Hoping for revolution,

planning upon the landscape of the mind,

similar things. . Nothing short of brilliance,

it was really.  And all the quotes!


I would —love— to read Hector.

Can I get a signed copy, now that your name,

is to be up in lights, like you always said it would be?

I’m writing two books right now myself,

and would LOVE and appreciate your guidance,

and knowledge –

as I move further in the process . . .


You also helped save my life.

I was 200 pounds when you sent me, eating tons of meat, processed garbage, and so forth..  When I receive from you, a book to read out of the blue.  Now at 145 lbs, Omar feels healthy, and blessed to have been thought of in that way.  :) So thank you for that.

I still recall the,

little yellow post-it note, affixed reading:

“Omar, I hope you get as much out of this as I did, you deserve it. -C”

You are a unique and beautiful snowflake, miss.  The personality behind the  machinations, those components of self, that make up your manifesto, your story,

your passion-  are unique, amazing, and have always resonated with me.

I understand that familiarity, that  r-e-s-o-n-a-n-c-e  ,  is a good portion of cumulatively, that feeling I get, of strangeness of not speaking on a somewhat regular basis, or somewhat regular sporadic one.

It also explains why your personage comes to mind on a fairly regular basis, not missing of a romantic relationship, but more of just what you stand for, and having like minded people around :)

I am glad you’ve come to actionable resolve in your former relationship, and I hope that you’ve forged a dis-congruent relationship with your old patterning/pains as you learn, release, and integrate in due time. :)

I’m proud and happy that you finished college :) !

The world is in a strange place/state right now,

and that’s something I’d love to talk about with you,

as well.

So, as the ocean is deep, of course there are more thoughts,

however this I feel is fine for now ~ ~ ~ ~ :)

I SO do want to talk with you and be friends,

wanna give it a go? It’s 2009, and we may as well anyway.

:-)   !

Email me at the same place we were just talking..

Typing with the FliP Video, and antique typewriter.. just messing around =]

This is fun… Here’s a side perspective video of me typing with one of my antique typewriters, a Smith Corona. This is the manual one, I have two electric ones, (baby powder blue), and (a creme/brown of similar color scheme, but two tone..)

Just having some fun, and thought the angle would look neat!

I make a very brief appearance in the end, and a few seconds in, for those of you that don’t think I smile enough, there’s one of those too! 😛

the thing I’m typing ? Nothing of particular substance, but I do read it to you after I’m done.

Video is approximately 2 minutes, 15 seconds long, and loads when you click the green play button.

The thing they call turkey day.

My first vegan thanksgiving, well my plate of food anyway. Details coming soon, I am currently very sleepy and about to go lie down. Instead of calling it thanksgiving and perpetuating the awfully inaccurate myth! This will be a fun post to read. Details later… :] Be well.

Edit: the food was great, sustaining, and delicious. ’nuff said.

The road to grandmother’s house

Driving up to Yuba City, Ca to visit my grandmother. My mother and I just stopped for food @ subway, which now has veggie patties. I bet they’re mostly corn, but the other option was a steakhouse so… *laughter*

22.87 mpg, driving my mom’s TL. I’d love for this thing to be more fuel efficient…

Onward! :-)

UPDATE: trip to grandma’s was a success. Also, 28.4 mpg on the way back. Not bad for a v8, still not good by my standards. Ha account information

I’ve had a different account in the past, however I felt the need to start over rather than edit. So –

Here we have it!

Please add me to your network if you like. I’ll eventually have a lot more than 40 bookmarks. The old account one had several thousand and likely will never be public. 😉

Hi all – quick post here. Just to let you know I’m helping alpha-test this new video website, which I am finding to be quite fun. Founded in Santa Cruz, one of my favorite places in the area outside of SF itself.

Here’s my latest post – but not for long! conceptualizing and recording 12 second clips is turning out to be more fun than I thought. I’m using the DreamCatcher iPhone video recorder – which may or may not be using parts of the mpeg group’s code.. That part however is up to the developer.

Yay embed code:

#13- before there was central air on
Let me know if you have video capability, and I’ll whisk along an invite to you. I don’t have many- if you want one, make sure you use it ! :-)

I invite you all to check out my channel that I’m developing thus far, I’m having quite a lot of fun with this.


well.. the embed code above doesn’t appear to do much when directly inserted. lets try html view. switching the code to html insertion seems to have made it work – I’ll end this post now, as I’m off to the cutting ball theatre here in SF to see a friend’s play – an exercise in experimental theatre.

The 12 seconds thing feels like twitter for video, – Vitter ? Video Twitter? I’m enjoying Vittering. Hmm. I dunno. Clever acronym thinking cap set to on – we’ll see what it comes up with later.

[In Memory] : Raymond Mausaleak

These flowers appeared in one of the spaces Raymond used to sleep, the stairwell of the Stockton Tunnel. Raymond was an Inuit man in his forties, from Barrow, AK; That lived sometimes in my neighborhood, sometimes at a homeless shelter. He was an incredible fellow that I slowly became friends with over the course of the 4 years that I’d been talking with him.

He left quite an impression on many people, and often “hung out,” next to the mailbox by the Tunnel Top Bar – Bush St, SF. For weeks after Raymond’s passing, there would be food, candles, small bags and things left in the neighborhood places where he frequented. He was certainly a well liked man, and certainly easy to overlook based on his appearance, that of a homeless alcoholic. If you’ve been living here long enough though, you know that this city provides angels, messages, and friends in the most delightfully varied of ways. My life is certainly enriched for knowing him.

If you’ve been wondering where he is on the off chance you’re one of the people that also knew him, Raymond crossed over to the other side in mid April 2008. In the last few months leading up to his passing, you’ll be happy to know that Raymond – was healthy, happy, and more lucid than I’ve ever known him to be. He’d made peace with himself, and given up his alcoholism.

The most important thing Raymond taught me was the importance of family. =]
Ray Ray, you’ll be missed. Hi !

[Photo taken with an Apple iPhone, and darkroom done digitally in Aperture.]