some thoughts on life lessons…

this is a long post about gratitude, life lessons, the pain of healing, and substances. click more, and see if you can stick with this. :) love you all!

so i decided i wasn’t quite done vaping just yet. i’ve switched from 6mg/nicotine down to a 3mg/nicotine. the end is near. and that’s exciting, because this chapter is closing. i haven’t decided if i’m going to switch to a 0mg/no nicotine for a week or two or just drop straight from 3mg/ to not vaping at all, but the feeling of needing to vape is fleeting rapidly, and that’s super exciting.

on another note, i’ve had exactly three beers in the past month, and didn’t actually enjoy them at all. woke up in the middle of the night like AHHHHH what did I do?! so back to not drinking, because that’s been serving my higher self so well.. love that. couldn’t have imagined being in this position 5 years ago, or even a year ago. it’s like the smell of roses suddenly came into the room, and i realized i was going to be perfectly OKAY without. and for that I am SO grateful.

#gratitude bigtime.

never forget how strong you are… take the lessons that are coming to you and integrate them into your reality, understand that everything happens to you with due causation and reason, and there is a lesson in everything.

oh and on another note, i haven’t smoked pot but once in the past 2 months, and that feels really good too. i smoked from 2006 till 2013 like it was a religion, or going out of style. i had my reasons, i was in severe pain from being beaten up very very badly, by 4 street punks who wanted my wallet. one of them ended up with a broken jaw, and they fled the scene. i nearly hit the ground, but didn’t. on my way back up, i connected. never hit anybody before in my life. was surreal. but i have gained so much from that experience, from being in such poor health, i take nothing for granted these days…..

and from the car accident in 2005 where i felt like i was reborn… there was such a surreal and peaceful transcendent experience in the actual accident itself, the pain came later. but that taught me a lot too… if you want to see pictures of that wreck, that almost took my head, literally, my life flashing before my eyes, as a reminder of how lucky you are to have NOT gone through that, here is where you’ll find the pictures of the car…

#funny how life works.. lessons everywhere.

stay positive. keep your head up. you are a vibrant and amazing being. yes I’m talking to you. things will always either teach or get better. just allow the magic to unfold. allow yourself to love yourself fully, and the magic of life will grace you with its presence. :)

#thanks #for #reading #this. love you too.

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