“everything in it’s right place”

“everything in it’s right place”

such that it was,
once upon a time-
we all lived in a manner divine.

yours was mine,
mine was yours,
why don’t you come over,
for some h’ours devours?

You see, things;
They were different then.

Before television,
and the word “bored.”

Life was magic, and people were happy;
On the insides-
Life is still magic,
you see;
For you and for me.

But it doesn’t appear that way,
for those who choose not to see.

The glory, the light, the energy.
The divine nature, of every-thing,
every where, all the “time.”

It all fits together,
as if a jigsaw puzzle,
made up of miracles-

Is right there under your nose,
so close, it’s -in- you,
around you, over and through you,
under you too. all around you,
for your-
senses to imbue.

If you ever feel lost, look to the trees,
the plants, the birds, and the bees.
The oceans, the animals, a glorious meleé,
a melangé, you’ll see.

For they have not,
forgotten how to see;
You and me.

Greet your fellow man with love and intention,
and don’t forget to mention,
the radiance you feel and see.
Feelings are greater than words,
and the true light is inside- as it would be!

We’re all divine creatures of light,
cosmic radiance and eternal delight!

Pull away from the news,
the weather and the morning paper;
they create a disconnect,
a dis-empowerment,
kindle a fire of “difference,”

These distractions, they create a void,
inside of you;
A disconnect, the opposite of being free!

So don’t forget-
is the nature of being an individual,
one sheep separated from the tribe.
But the truth is, we are all one…

So get back to you nature,
rediscover your nature,
let it be your nurture,
that you have already arrived,

And then you’ll begin again,
to actually SEE.

The world for what it is,
and can be.

Divine, in kind,
To you and for me.
And for Every-thing,
every creature,
every rock,
pebble, bird, and tree…

Has its place, in the divine order of things..
of life. You already feel it, you just forgot how to connect to it,
how it resonates with you and with me.

As you heal, you’ll come to realize and see,
what beautiful creatures we all are,
and yes, that includes you and me.

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