let go

once upon a time
there was a man without even a dime
he wasn’t poor though
for he slept comfortably on the floor though,
of a basement in a church,
he saw people cringe constantly and lurch,

they were all looking for more.
more money
more love
more stuff and things,
always in the perpetual swing of seeking without giving.

but you cannot receive unless you create,
cannot benefit unless you live to serve and to gift,
to give love is how one receives love.

you will never learn to see unless you learn to look,
you can’t experience life through what you read in a book!

there is a lot to learn by serving others,
you can finally then understand that it’s not about ducking and finding cover,
but more cash isn’t the answer either,

its about being vulnerable and raw,
open and letting the heart thaw,
and open up to others,
to the self,

don’t run don’t duck don’t look for cover.
experience the loving embraces of your sisters and brothers.
for we are all one here,
on this planet.
we all want the same things deep down

to be validated,
to be loved,
to be appreciated,

you are indeed a special and unique snowflake,
don’t forget that and don’t forget to partake,
in the glorious mystery of giving and gifting and loving and wishing

for what you fill your mind with is what it will do unto you,
and others too!

it’s all about how you look at things,
and how you act on the creations of your mind.
in time,
you will find,
that you are flowing through the days,
not wondering what time it is
or where you need to be next,
but you will be doing things organically,
matter o factually,
what will be happ-en’ing,
is you will be finally,
truly actualized and alive.

enjoy the journey.
we’re not here to stagnate,
placate or pacify,
it’s not about pleasing some others eyes,
it’s a mutual give and take,
don’t try and push things around with a rake,
let them teach you as you go,
let things simply ebb and flow,
and decide when to step inside,
the stream and just get up and go.

it will all make sense when you learn to let go.

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