lets write something positive…

there once was a man
he didn’t sit atop a can
he was not named stan
and he was not from khazakstan.

there are many things one can say
however none so many of them are as important

finding thy own direc—ction
positive loving action
the power to be
the power to feel
the ability to reel
in the logic that brings to you
what you — need

to be, happy
positively elated…

this is all within your own
grasp, however we’re taught the power
is external- what an—- infernal

this is inside,
and has always been,
within, the grasp of your mind.

flex the mental muscles,
a strong mind can become weak,
a weak mind can become strong,
never forget that everything-
is a dualistic reality, a’swing.

lather rinse repeat.
you will get the results you seek,
as long as you stay focused on what the things you wish for are,
and step with love and positive motion,
the universe will provide unlimited for you just like the waves keep coming out of the ocean.

hang in there !!

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