Bad! {TV}Parent!!!-ing 101- a re-Instruction poem of guidance

This is sung to the melody of the fresh beat band’s theme song… Yes the disney show with the robot idiot white guy, the redhead, the black guy, etc- a depressing reinforcement of racial disambiguation anyways…… Dont trip on that look and sing this masterpiece aloud! :)

The song isnt Its not anti disney its anti TV Driver parenting- just happens to be set to a disney melody. Ha…Enjoy!

La la dee daa daah daah daah,
Disney is a brain rotting factory,
Lets decide together,
To teach our children,
Actual ways to see and be,
To think for themselves and decide you see,
This is proper parenting for those who are or to be!

so heed ye,
And don’t park a young one,
In front of the tv,
Unless you want to turn their minds to slush and consider yourself a useless asshole, then go right ahead.

But what you say?
TAke them with me?
Yes indeed,
Your seed.
Is to be guarded with your life-
Yes indeed.

so take the wee one with you,
And teach them how it all works up to a bit,
Until it’s decided that they can alone stand and think.

Lest you become miserable with the results of your “tv parenting” read utterly disgraceful failure, and drive yourself to a life of drugs depression and drink!


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