[found tattoo]: yay area

I thought it was a terribly unique tattoo, so I asked if I may photograph it, and we spent a moment getting it right. Although I only had my iPhone on me at the time, I’d say it turned out fairly well after it went through Aperture. Still, I only do things that one could really do in the darkroom. :]

11,954 thoughts on “[found tattoo]: yay area”

  1. بنده هم همین مشکل رو دارم.احتمالا فایل ها رو که هنوز نتونستم دانلود کنم و در پست دانلود سنتر گذاشتم میتونه علت این مشکل باشه.

  2. I agree.I hate how every nas album has to be compared to Illmatic. That was his peak, his prime, that was raw and couldnt be duplicated even by him or any other artist. But he still churns out way above average quality materials and nobody is still satisfied.

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