[broadstrokes]: thoughts on information / publishing / the internet

article that sparked this thought: http://is.gd/l4H :

I feel that traditional publishing has about 10-15 years left as a successful business model. Quite noticeably, the web-enabled publishing model has broken paradigm and taken us into the future.   It’s brought a new age, where information flows more freely than ever before. We are arguably arriving in our third epoch of the web, very soon – if not currently.

I feel there is a large scale perceptual shift slowly occurring across the general Internet user-base – as we become increasingly networked together, and aware of the growing number of web services we’re expected to use and be current with. As the dissension towards being overly connected grows, the backlash will breed a more intelligent network, a new series of patterning and information models will emerge from this thought process.

New sciences ensure that we are further than ever before. As we further realize it, systems biology will play a more important role in the way we pattern the data accessed via the web.  Relevant, relatable, and appropriate use of informatics and related sciences will ensure our success in this endeavor.

Our world is changing.  If you’re here and reading this, welcome – for you are currently affecting global change.  Realize it or not. From the invention of the wheel, the Arabic number system, to 1,200 baud, we’ve come a long way. Welcome to the future.


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