some thoughts on blogging and social networking.

Here’s a general post – I’ll leave you with some thoughts of the next few moment[s].

I’m entirely new to wordpress, although I’ve known about it for quite some time. Without an audience as of yet to answer this question, it’s rather funny that I’m posing it here.

aforementioned question: What are some excellent wordpress themes that incorporate the ability to view my photography @ 650/700 pixels wide ? I’d love to know.

It would behove whatever livejournal readership I’ve left that I’ve come here. I wonder if I need to integrate something over there that’ll dump my posts into LJ. That’d be some useful auto-magic.

I’m pretty certain I stopped blogging on LJ quite some time ago because it wasn’t providing the utility it used to, and had sadly fallen from the area of relatable and useful to, doggedly trying to follow the media circus. I see this problem with too many friends on myspace, too many tweets on twitter, or whatever. This is a big problem I see with social networking in general. More on this later.

Question of the day/night: What features do you value most in your primary social networking site ?

feel free to answer in a few words, or in many. Again, more later.

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