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Hey looky.  Here I am.  Short blogging introduction:  I’ve been a live journal user since January 15th, 2002.  Been around since well before then, however I was not blogging, or doing anything like that.  Here is the latest iterative evolution of such…  


Feel free to sign up, and watch this space, intriguing things will happen here – and at whatever pace I update them.  Feel free to consider this as a portal into the world of Omar.  Or something to that effect.   A little note about the URL:  simply is modeled after the way I like to live my life…. I like to laugh, and feel joy, and always have fun with the activities I’m doing, and the people I’m spending my time with..  Life is too short to not do so in my opinion !  So, hence…

Yup.  Hi.  See you soon!



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