// about Omar //

Hi, my name is Omar. I’m currently living in Los Angeles County with my family and cat Francesca. Immediately preceding this life transition, I was living in San Francisco with my one of my favorite humans, my ex-girlfriend April. Transcending traditional social cues, we’ve expanded our love into a wonderful, emotionally-intimate, truly connected friendship. =] If anybody from my bay area community/clan hasn’t figured out I moved – I have. I’ll be back to the bay when the time is right.

I’m a professional photographer, who’s always had his fingers and mind steeped in technology and all that surrounds it. I like to think, read, and live – in no particular order.

I very much embody the entrepreneurial spirit, and am in the planning stages of some useful, functional, and rather ambitious internet-based / physical goods type projects. Ask me directly what’s cooking, I very well may need to involve you or may already be looking for someone like you…

I’m always interested in making and sustaining new professional connections, as well as a few good friendships. I also practice certain healing modalities such as Reiki and massage, and am always learning more in these areas as well. I aim to always be a good listener, and a true friend. I practice NVC as often as I can remember.

I believe strongly in oneness non-duality, loving kindness, infinite energy –

Over time, this website will transform into a more richly detailed account of my art and thoughts. Here are some words that partially describe me: photographer, technologist, budding-entrepreneur, inventor, camping enthusiast, burningman participant, massage therapist, true-friend, quite-fun.

I sometimes tell people, I don’t think outside the box – I live outside of it. If you meet me – my actionable thoughts illustrate this well.